“It’s a Big F***ing Deal”

10 Jan

Sebastian talks about the current gun debate and why it’s so important. A couple of gems from his post:

… One reason [gun grabbers have] struggled over the past 12 years is that they haven’t had someone in the White House willing to push gun control. You have a President who is very popular with a segment of American society now pushing it in a big, big way.

Very true. We’ve been winning the battles for the last decade and the war is about to take a nasty turn.

… I think even people in deep red states with solid representation need to be heard from, because we might need their courage if the GOP leadership starts to look weak. I might also need your legislator twisting the arm of my legislator, to hold the Republican caucus together. If your letters focused on general anxiety about the Republican Party, and an expectation that your representative will be a leader in fighting gun control, that would be very helpful to those of us in blue states in Republican-held districts.

You know everything we’ve laughed at the gun control movement about? No money? No supporters? All that has changed…

This is also very important. The 2010 US Census gave Utah an additional seat in the House. I live in the newly redrawn 2nd District and my new congress critter is Chris Stewart. I did not vote for him and I will hold his feet to the fire for the next two years, then work to get someone else nominated if I’m still living in the district.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

Congressman-elect Chris Stewart is willing to support some limited gun-control measures if they are packaged in a bill to boost outreach and treatment for the mentally ill.

… Stewart said he would oppose any legislative attempt to restrict ownership of handguns and other common weapons but could bend on banning high-capacity gun magazines for the sake of having a broader discussion on violence.

So, even before he was sworn into office, he’d already thrown gun owners under the bus. Not a surprise for a man who cheated his way into his first Federal office.

It’s a different world. Welcome back to the 90s. Now you know why they were so desperate to get leadership from the White House. Because leadership from the White House is, to quote our Vice President, “a big f**king deal.” A lot of folks don’t know how much we’ve benefitted by having no PAC money in gun control for the past 12 years.

If you know someone sitting this one out because they think the anti-gun groups don’t matter, slap them silly. We’re not facing the anti-gun groups, we’re facing the White House and the whole Obama coalition, and if you think that doesn’t matter, just ask Mitt Romney whether he agrees with you.

Contact your Federal representatives and let them know that we will not stand by and allow the White House to move on this unilaterally!


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