Monday Morning News

25 Feb

Seen at Jay’s:

HOUSTON –A 21-year-old man sprang into action to protect his family Thursday night when three suspects barged into their northwest Harris County home.

The young man was home with his mother and father in the 3900 block of Brook Garden when the armed men forced their way into the house around 8 p.m., according to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies.

The anti-gun crowd wants this family disarmed. I guess the antis are just trying to protect the criminals? These choir boys planned an attack on a middle aged man and his wife. Luckily, their son was home and had access to the proper tools to protect his family.

Could you imagine what would have happened if  a “safe-storage” law had required the gun and ammunition to be stored in different rooms, and for the firearm to be fitted with a trigger lock? The family truly would have been victims and the choir boys would be running free.

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