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15 Mar

So, Samsung just released the latest version of their pocket internets and it’s getting a lot of attention on tech blogs, etc. I was scanning Engadget this morning and came across this:

According to an Asymco report from November, Samsung is spending somewhere in the region of $12 billion on advertising, commissions and sales promotions to market its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets. Based on Fortune‘s observations, that’s more than Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Dell, HP and Apple each spend.

The article discusses how, in the author’s opinion, the HTC One is, in terms of build quality and OS design, hands down a better device, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 will outsell it because of Samsung’s marketing.

David Burge tweeted this today:

He’s completely right. In the US, it can easily be said that Samsung is producing the “must have” Android devices. Sammy is putting their ALL into Google/Android and distancing themselves from Microsoft. Maybe part of the appeal is that the GS3/4 uses NFC which allows daughters and wives to share cute videos with their dads/husbands?

Whatever the reason, the tech wars are hotter than ever. Apple sits comfortably with iEverything simply selling because, hey Apple. Samsung is trying to create a similar fever for its products (and the ill gotten gains of Android). Blackberry just launched BB10 and looks reborn. Microsoft appears to be willing to slog through whatever it takes to simply sit at the mobile table, oh and collect royalties on Android devices.

My wife and I are using HTC Evos that were gifted to us (thanks Danny and Shelly!) and they work for us (until Sprint releases a WP8 device for me to buy. Cause that’s how I want to roll).

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