What Dick Metcalfe Doesn’t Understand

10 Jan

Via Sebastian:

He called for a specifically enumerated constitutional right to be conditioned on a requirement which is not been deemed acceptable for any other right.

That’s why he lost his job. Not because of crazy, extreme gun nuts.

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One response to “What Dick Metcalfe Doesn’t Understand

  1. skybill

    January 11, 2014 at 1:35 am

    “Say goodnight Dick.” Poor Dick, see Dick run…away. History is only repeating itself again. Dick is following in Michael A. Bellesiles’ footsteps from his Failed writing,”The origins of a National Gun Culture.” Drag it “ALL” up on wikipedia, it’s all there. He even got reviewed by Peterson in Playboy (Playboy may be great for tits and ass but they are seriously anti-gun!) Oh well, Dick and Mike can go cry in their beer about how nobody understands them. Did I say Beer? Those two are probably lipping very watered down latte’s together.


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