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Getting back on the horse?

I don’t spend much time here anymore. I just don’t have the time. I tweet. I use Facebook a little. I found that I used this space to vent, mostly, which kept my blood pressure at record highs.

With work, volunteer mediation, three kids, church responsibilities, and completing my masters thesis, blogging is simply the last thing on my mind.

I need to find a more creative way to use this space…

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Small Blogs vs Big Blogs

I’ve been bloging since 2007. I’ve never had a large number if readers and I’m okay with that. I rant. I post odd things. I don’t post for months at a time. I haven’t devoted the time to make this blog big and I’m okay with that. Hopefully the readers that I do have find some value in what’s written here and that’s why they return. “Wither the Blogosphere?”

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More Sunday Reading

More Sunday reading, thus time from Sebastian.

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Say Uncle

I read Say Uncle every day because his posts are short, sweet, and to the point. This post, however, is a touch longer. In it, he sounds off on some of the annoying parts of the gunny internet world. I’ve only been “in the game” for a few years now and I have to say that I agree with what he is saying here. Go. Read. Enjoy.

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Test Post

I thought that I’d give Windows Live Writer a trial run.  It’s a neat interface if I don’t want to use the WordPress writer.  As you can see, I don’t blog much any more.  The reasons are varied and less important.  Primarily, I don’t have time and there’s not a whole lot interesting that I want to share.  This blog has been involved with Politics and Firearms, primarily.  With my work schedule, I don’t have a lot of time to sit and write and when I do, I’m usually tired and just want to go to bed.  I’m considering turning My Constructed Reality into a place to relay information on what I’m reading about.  Lately, that’s been a lot of tech stuff.  So you’ll just have to wait and see.  I do have to warn you, however – I’ve become a little bit of a Microsoft whore so watch out.  I’ll explain that in another post.

I’m in the middle of a Graduate School application for the Communication and Leadership program at Gonzaga University.  I’m also in the beginning stages of an application for the Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate program at the University of Utah.  Hopefully good things will come of those. 

D will be four in May and W is already 8 months.  My little family is growing so rapidly, I can hardly believe it.  Tammy is still the most beautiful woman on the planet. 

More later.

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It’s Been…

Exactly one month since I last posted on this site.  Why, you might ask?  Well, I got a little burned out.  And I haven’t really been in the mood to write.  I felt that everything that I wanted to rant/write about had been said.  Just thought I’d check in with my small following of readers.

Until next time…

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Where I’ve Been

I’ve been around, I just haven’t been here.  Working a swing shift with out access to a computer gives me pretty much zero time to blog.  With the boys, mornings are all filled up.

This blog used to be a place where I could vent my concerns with politics and pretty much anything else that had caught my attention.  After a while that became draining and I didn’t want to exert my energies raging about the latest thing that Dear Leader and his minions have done that annoy me.

Surprisingly, working in a therapeutic environment with teenagers has taught me some things and made me ask myself some questions.  As this blog is proof, when I hear a piece of news that I don’t agree with I tend to get upset and rant a little.  As time went by I found that I was getting more and more angry.  The question became, why am I getting angry?  Anger is a secondary emotion, a way to cover for something else that is going on.  The question is, why was I choosing to react through anger to said news (politicians actions mostly)?  The answer varied with each new question and won’t be shared here.

Hopefully I’m back now and this blog will go back to what I loved about it before – writing intelligently about politics, firearms, family, religion, and so on.

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