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A Specific Enumerated Right

Joe says:

Why should it be surprising the NRA didn’t give an inch? If the propose[d] laws were severe restrictions on the right to attend the church of your choice or the right to read the books you wanted do you think the ACLU would give an inch?

The right to keep and bear arms is no different. Over a hundred million people were murdered or killed in wars in the 20th Century by people who read and took to heart the works of Karl Marx. And I expect there will be millions more death in the conflict over communism in this century. Yet I have never once heard of anyone advocating for the banning of his books. 20 kids murdered by a nut case with a gun is a huge tragedy but millions of kids murdered by leftist monsters is just a number.

I want the people at large to own guns so the risk of genocide and mass murder due to advocates of communism or any other totalitarian government is pushed to near zero. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to bear arms are a package deal. And there is nothing to negotiate.

I agree


The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Support for certain gun control measures appears to be diminishing on Capitol Hill. The President is now trying to boost support by standing in the blood of children. My favorite line from the story is:

Obama, accusing opponents of drumming up “fear,” urged supporters to call members of Congress and pressure them into backing the package.

So, who is using scare tactics?

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Silly Gun Grabbers

From Sebastian:

Cuomo is blaming Bloomberg and the Brady Campaign for the problems with the SAFE act. Sorry, no dice Guv, you own it. Apparently Bloomberg isn’t happy with this. You’d almost think gun control isn’t popular or something. Shouldn’t they be clamoring to take credit to the cheers of adoring citizens who are thrilled that we have such stalwarts as Cuomo and Bloomberg standing up for everyone’s “right to be safe?”

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Hatin’ On The Pope

Within less than an hour of the new Pope being elected yesterday, I saw a flurry of tweets hate raging on Pope Francis because he’s going to hold the church to traditional moral values. This morning, David Burge gave me the perfect answer:


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Making it More Illegal

What should you do when you’re in crisis mode and emotionally reacting to an adult topic? Well, if your Congress you pass a law that makes something more illegal than it already is.

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Does He Really Believe That?

Then why does he want restrict access to the tools that women can use to defend themselves? I guess he’d rather that women depend on a restraining order, or the police, or a rape whistle.


I Wonder…

If the Bush Administration had said that the President has the authority to authorize drone strikes against American citizens on US soil without due process, Democrats, the Media, and the Left (I repeat myself) would call it an abuse of power and be screaming for his head. However, since it’s the Obama Administration, Democrats, the Media, and the Left simply call it Tuesday.

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