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Nail Hit On Head

Robb hits another nail on the head.  Are you part of the 1%?

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This Will Be Interesting

Ron Paul Appointed Chairman of Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee


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Calvin Coolidge

When thinking about the past Presidents of the United States, Calvin Coolidge is one of the last that come to mind for many.  This is truly unfortunate, especially for conservatives.  Here is actual video and audio from a small speech delivered by Coolidge in 1924, the first ever recorded for a President.  It gets really good around 2 minutes.

86 years ago, Calvin Coolidge told to the American people that their taxes were too high and that their liberties were were being trampled upon.  I ask you, does the current administration think about the individual when it proposes raising taxes or when it forces socialized medicine upon the people?  The answer, simply, is No.

Thank you,  President Coolidge, for giving conservatives another point in history with which to reference the intent of our Founders.

h/t – Dennis Prager

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Bulk Ammo

We’re all looking for cheap ammo these days.  The other day I received an email:

from Steven Otterbacher <>
to me
date Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 11:44 AM
subject Ammo News- New Retailer

Hi there,

I read your blog from time to time and thought you might want some “press release” material for your readers:  we just launched a new online ammo site that specializes in bulk ammunition for serious shooters.

If you are interested, we would sure appreciate a short post to your readership (feel free to link to your favorite product deal on our site or just a link to with the anchor text “Bulk Ammo”) about our grand opening!

And I am sure they would appreciate this coupon:  $25 off their first order over $200:  GrandOpening

We have a lot of inventory available and its all ready to ship, so enjoy!

Thanks for all that you do for the cause!


At first I wasn’t sure about posting anything but the world of economics must continue to be controlled by capitalism!  Being a poor (meaning financially deficient) shooter, I haven’t used their service.  But hey, $25 off your first order of $200 isn’t bad and $200 is pretty easy to lay down when you’re buying ammo.

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The Empire is Struggling Financially

You know things have gotten bad for the Galactic Empire when Darth Vader is sent to rob a bank.

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Quote of the Day

From BobG:

Every time Congress or the Senate gets together and starts “reforming” things, it make me nervous.  What usually happens is that they manage to cobble together some sort of ungodly monstrosity that no one really understands completely, [and] no one has read from start to finish….

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Becoming Provident Providers

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