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In case of fire…


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Quote of the Day

It’s my day off.  Because of the holidays it feels like I haven’t had one in a while.  My wife and I have been trying to think of something to do, with little success.  Suddenly, she comes running into the living room and says,

Do you want to shower and go get a Slurpee®?

I laughed.  Showering is a good idea.  So is the Slurpee®.  We’re off to 7-Eleven®

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Snickers: Get Some Nuts!

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Quote of the Day

“Want to stick your sausage-like fingers into a bag of Cheetos? Tough. You’re on my dime now.”

Say Uncle – Dear America, I own your ass.


Crown Burgers

There is a locally owned hamburger chain here in Salt Lake City where the food it literally “to die for.”  It’s called Crown Burgers.  In a recent article in The New York Times, Nicole Morgenthau describes the importance of this local chain (and its offshoots) to the Salt Lake community and how,

Here, Crown Burgers and various imitators have, over the last three decades, convinced the citizens of Utah that it is perfectly normal to wedge a quarter pound of thin-sliced pastrami between a cheese-draped charbroiled beef patty and a sesame seed bun, slathered with a Thousand-Island-like sauce and dressed with sliced tomatoes, shaved lettuce and onions.

To be honest, the Crown Burger is just too much for me and I tend to settle on the Bacon Cheese Burger, which is the same recipe as above, minus the pastrami and thousand island substitute and adding three LARGE pieces of peppercorn bacon.  It’s heaven on a bun.

Tammy is out with my mom and sister for the night, which means that D and I are just kickin’ it at home.  Atlantis Burger, one of Crown Burgers’ offshoots, recently opened just up the street from us.  I decided that it was time to “make sure that they’re still as good as their ‘Crown’ parent.”

Conclusion – Yes, yes they are.

I’m giving an open invitation to anyone who lives out of state.  Next time you’re in the Salt Lake area, send me an email and I’ll treat you to whatever you like on the Crown Burgers menu.

(Just a heads up – since they’re owned by a Greek family they have plenty of tasty Greek food on the menu also)


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The Future?

I don’t want to start a bunch of paranoid delusions, but this is from the ACLU’s website and was entertaining.


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What's Eating 007?

Have you ever wanted to lick Daniel Craig? Now is your chance!

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