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You've Seen This Before (I Hope)

From time to time we find articles where the author has rated our “favorite” restaurants.  Well, Men’ Health has recently done this.  Give it a read and findout why you’re getting fat.

Your favorite fast food restaurant is often like your favorite city: Visit some neighborhoods and you live the high life. Visit others and you’re just plain asking for trouble. And that’s where Eat This, Not That! comes in: We’ve analyzed and graded 66 different chain restaurants—fast food and sit-down—to determine which ones have healthy options, and which could turn out to be diet disasters.

What we found will surprise you. Specifically, some of the fast food joints you’ve come to think of as terrible for you actually ranked alright—McDonald’s scored a B+, for example, so the Micky D’s drive-thru just might be your fast-lane to weight loss. Something even more shocking, though: more than half of the sit-down restaurants we graded ended up with our lowest scores! 

Read the rest and findout how you’re “favorite” restaurants got graded.

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New Foods

We enjoy trying new foods and lately we’ve been on a homemade pizza kick. Our recent favorite has been this Thai Chicken Pizza that we found at Yes Please Recipies. You should try it!

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Quick Note

I just got off the phone with my brother who is a farmer, rancher, and mechanic.  He brought up an interesting distinction that I hadn’t made previously: Alternative Fuels vs. Green Fuels.  Apparently it’s more common in the agricultural world than on the interwebz or the MSM.

Green Fuel/Energy: Wind, Solar, Geothermal, etc.
Alternative Fuel: Ethanol, Bio-Diesel, etc.  
The only difference between Alternative Fuels and Fossil Fuels is a few thousand years.  He points out that we should be proud of scientist for figuring out how to “speed up the process of turning plant material into fuel that we can use in combustion engines” but it should stop there.  Alternative fuels give off almost the same amount of emissions as fossil fuels, but consume a ton of fossil fuel energy in their production.  
He was also able to show me that the economy first started to shake when the .gov first began subsidizing corn for ethanol production.  Corn prices shot up almost 300%.  Next thing you know $700 cows are selling for $150 and there’s economic melt down.  However, now that agricultural markets are stabilizing, so will the rest of the market.  Apparently this is a common trend and it always begins and ends with agriculture – it’s the first to shake and the first to settle.
It made sense on the phone and I will not question his expertise – this is how he makes his living!
His advice?  Now that agricultural markets are back to normal (or even a little below) the economy will begin to straighten out in about 3-4 months.  Restock your food storage as much as possible before the Obamessiah begins pushing his energy policy and using his magic alchemy to turn ragweed into gasoline.
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Things Are Getting Rough

When they start attacking those tasty, sweet beverages!

Death to whaaaa?

Via Uncle

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You Don't Have To Eat It

Because Steve already has. Blech!

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All You Need To Know About Salo

After borsch and varenyky, salo is the most famous Ukrainian national dish. Around the world, salted pork fat is associated with Ukraine. Some even find it annoying, since there is much more to Ukraine than salo with vodka. While true, we can still pride ourselves in this legendary national product. Most nations use melted salo, or lard, while Ukrainians customarily eat slices of salo with garlic, onion, bread and pickles.

I had the privilege opportunity to eat salo while I was in Ukraine. I never bought it myself, but it was sometimes given as a cold plate side dish next to a small bowl of garlic cloves, which we would dip in salt. Go ahead and read the rest of the article, it’s rather interesting. Then, if you can stomach it (ha!) check out the Wikipedia article.

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