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Will You Think About It?

Jay gives us something to think about:

Right now, as I write this, the streets of Boston are empty. On a Friday afternoon – a beautiful day in the high 60s/low 70s – the city should be just filled with life; instead it looks like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie. Police officers in armored cars roam the streets with automatic weapons, and Blackhawk helicopters search overhead, all for a person suspected of an act of terrorism and the death of an MIT police officer.

And yet I cannot buy a new Glock or a standard capacity magazine.

If things are so dangerous out there that we need attack helicopters patrolling our skies, then I should be able to buy a 15-round magazine for my M&P, don’t you think? If one person – one person – is so dangerous that people are being told to stay in their houses, businesses are closed, posse comitatus has fallen by the wayside, etc. – how can anyone tell me I shouldn’t own an AR-15?

Go read the rest. Then think about what he is saying.


Thoughts on Home Defense

From Caleb at Gun Nuts Media:

Now, I’m no gun expert like Joe Biden, but it occurs to me that if a known terrorist who’d already displayed a willingness to shoot it out with the cops and use explosives was on the loose in my neighborhood, I’d probably want a little more defensive firepower than a double barreled shotgun. I might even want a rifle like what the police likely used to shoot at said terrorist with. But that’s crazy talk, right? Dianne Feinstein said there’s no reason for me to own a military style weapon, because we have cops and the military to protect from things like terrorists running around shooting up neighborhoods.

The situation in Boston presents an excellent teaching moment. When the emergency broadcast system comes on and tells you there’s a terrorist loose in your neighborhood, do you want to lock the doors and cower in fear hoping for the best, or would you rather lock the doors and go about your life as normal, knowing that you have a rifle and the skill to use it?



Some talking head on some radio station this morning asked a self described “conservative” caller an interesting question: “You know, conservatives want the Federal government involved in some thing but not in others. Which is it? Why are you so back and forth on what you want government to do and not do?”

After fighting the urge to rip out my radio and throw it out the window, I chose a more effective way of dealing with the issue and screamed at the top of my lungs: “That’s American Federalism you f***ing MORON!!!” One of the beauties of the American system is that the powers granted to the states and the federal government are constantly being pushed and pulled, pinched and squeezed, expanded and contracted. The states acting as a check and a balance on the power of the feds and the feds acting as a check and a balance on the power of the states. IT’S A FEATURE NOT A BUG!

Thus, it is appropriate in certain instances for the state to hold power where the feds do not and there are appropriate instances where the feds to hold power over the states.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is one of the issues where the states and the feds are fighting for power. Sebastian points this out clearly in his post We Can No Longer Tolerate Two Americas. Go. Read.


The Greatest Handgun Caliber Ever Made!

The handgun caliber flame wars continue with no end in sight. Today, I received an email from which continues that war with three tongue-in-cheek videos, each explaining why 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP are “The Greatest Handgun Caliber Ever Made.”  Enjoy.

I still need to post the review of the ammo they sent me last January (no… January 2012)

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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Support for certain gun control measures appears to be diminishing on Capitol Hill. The President is now trying to boost support by standing in the blood of children. My favorite line from the story is:

Obama, accusing opponents of drumming up “fear,” urged supporters to call members of Congress and pressure them into backing the package.

So, who is using scare tactics?

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Silly Gun Grabbers

From Sebastian:

Cuomo is blaming Bloomberg and the Brady Campaign for the problems with the SAFE act. Sorry, no dice Guv, you own it. Apparently Bloomberg isn’t happy with this. You’d almost think gun control isn’t popular or something. Shouldn’t they be clamoring to take credit to the cheers of adoring citizens who are thrilled that we have such stalwarts as Cuomo and Bloomberg standing up for everyone’s “right to be safe?”

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Because You Should Know

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