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Because You Should Know

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Firearm Technology

Explained by Tam:

Compared to the advances that permeate so many other technological fields, firearms have been a very mature technology for a very long time.

The only technological advances in man-portable firearms since the 1930s have been in materials and construction methods. I am unaware of any completely new operating mechanism after roller-locking recoil. Certainly the gas-operated, rotating-bolt, box-magazine-fed rifles which arm our troops would be instantly identifiable to John Browning in his 1890s Utah workshop, although the machined aluminum forgings and plastic furniture might seem novel to him.

A SIG P-226 would only be “exotic” to Le Maitre in its use of stampings in place of machined forgings. Other than that, it’s a short-recoil tilting-barrel box-magazine-fed self-loader, still shooting a cartridge developed for the Imperial German Army in the first decade of the last century. (Just think about cartridges: Of the major martial firearm chamberings, only 5.45, 5.56, 7.62×51, and .40S&W were developed after 1945, while .50 BMG predates the last World War and 9×19, .45, and 7.62×54 predates the one before that.)

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A Petition I Can Get Behind

Hopefully you recognize this neat piece of writing by Kathy at Cornered Cat.


Why So Many Guns?

Guns Holsters and Gear has provided an excellent three-part series based on the question, “Why so many guns?”

Part I provides an overview of gun ownership and the various reasons for it.

Part II discusses handguns.

Part III discusses rifles and shotguns.

All three are good reads.

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America is different for a reason

Tam comments on how the Left wants the US to be more like Europe:

Look at all the more modern constitutions, like they have in Europe! They all include important  rights, like the right to housing, food, a job, and health care, and  don’t include atavistic throwbacks about the right to hunt deer with muskets. What importance does any sane person in modern society place on the right to hunt ducks compared to the right to a job and a roof over your head?

It’s an important contrast to make. The American Republic was built upon principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Madison’s original language was Life, Liberty, and Property, but he felt that was too British, and we’d just cast of the oppression of those limey wankers so no need to make our system too similar to theirs.

The American system values and protects natural rights, not government provided rights. Natural rights cannot be taken away by legitimate government while government provided rights can. That’s what makes America, as Michael Medved says, the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

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Cliff Notes

From The Firearm Blog: 40 Years of Gun Wisdom in 5 Easy Lessons

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Shall Not Be Questioned

I’ve been reading Shall Not Be Questioned for several years now and enjoy Sebastian and Bitter’s contributions to the cause.

Sebastian recently wrote two must-read pieces for understanding how we got to where we are regarding gun rights and the current threat to the Second Amendment:

How Did We Get Here, Part I: The Culture War

How We Got Here, Part II: The Political Struggle

Go. Read. Share.

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