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Tea Parties

There has been some discussion on the blogosphere lately about the Republican party’s attempts to co-opt the Tea Party movement.  Today in The Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove gave his opinion to tea partiers about what he thinks both the Tea Party movement and the Republican party should do:

My advice to them [the Tea Party movement] is to keep their distance from any single party and instead influence both parties on debt, spending and an over-reaching federal government. Allowing third-party movements to co-opt the tea partiers’ good name, which is happening in Nevada, will only serve to elect opponents of the tea party philosophy of low-taxes and fiscal restraint. It could also discredit the tea party movement.

If tea party groups are to maximize their influence on policy, they must now begin the difficult task of disassociating themselves from cranks and conspiracy nuts. This includes 9/11 deniers, “birthers” who insist Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., and militia supporters espousing something vaguely close to armed rebellion.

The GOP is also better off if it foregoes any attempt to merge with the tea party movement. The GOP cannot possibly hope to control the dynamics of the highly decentralized galaxy of groups that make up the tea party movement. There will be troubling excesses and these will hurt Republicans if the party is formally associated with tea party groups.

The tea partiers should listen to Rove.  Stay organized as a separate force and do not become an appendage of any party or movement.

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Open Carry

Personally, I’m not too interested in open carry unless I’m in the mountains.  The reason being that I don’t see it as particularly effective means of educating the public about firearms and the carrying firearms.

Regardless of what you believe, you have no control over how people hear what you say or how they understand your actions.  For example, what do any of these things mean?

If ten people answered we’d have hundreds of different answers because each of their answers would be interpreted differently by each person that read them.  In the words of one of my favorite professors: “It’s amazing that anyone ever comes to any understanding about anything with anybody else.”

An discussion on open carry is being had here.  Some are being childish while others are actually “talking.”  Go if interested.  If not, don’t.


Obama’s First State of the Union

I’ve had a little bit of time to chew on Obama’s first State of the Union address.  Obama actually tried to present himself from a center-left position.  Unfortunately, his actions over the last year speak louder than his words.  I found the speech to be full of hyperbole, and not much else.

He all but ordered congress to be bi-partisan, falsely believing that the United States Congress answers to him rather than to the American people, all while giving a completely partisan speech.  I didn’t count the number of times that former President Bush was blamed, nor did I count the number of times that President Obama failed to admit that the Democrats have controlled congress since 2006.

Blaming our country’s financial crisis on “the lost decade and the man who ran it” is ridiculous.  Let’s think back to 1999 when a 90-8 vote in the Senate and 362-57 vote in the House replaced Glass-Steagall with Gramm-Leach-Bliley, which was signed into law November 12, 1999 (by President Bush, none-the-less).  And lest we forget, on September 11, 2001 two hijacked airplanes were plunged into the World Trade Center, affecting markets and financial systems globally (also GW’s fault).

On the night of the 2008 Presidential Elections, just after Obama’s victory speech, I texted a friend of mine who was an ardent Obama supporter.  I simply said, “If your boy can accomplish 1/10 of his campaign promises, I’ll consider his administration a success.”  I’ll admit, maybe part of me hoped that he could actually pull it off – he’s a pretty damn good orator.  Yet, his actions over the last year have proven otherwise.  His first State of the Union address attempted to rekindle some of the magic show from 2008, but the man behind the curtain was in plain sight and cannot be ignored.

Oh yeah, and attacking the Supreme Court is a sure way to have them appose ALL of your pet projects.

On a grading scale, I give this State of the Union a solid D.  I give the President one point for attempting to appear as a centrist simply for the thought that maybe it will catch on and America will begin electing center-left/center-right politicians.  Of course, the President would probably give himself a B-.


Gun Control is Racist

Josh Sugarman and the Violence Policy Center advocate greater dependence on the system and the government in black neighborhoods by disarming blacks.

Pictures by Oleg Volk, here, here, and here.


Go Red Rocks!!!

They often go unnoticed because of the Utah football and basketball team, but our Red Rocks did us proud tonight!

The largest gymnastics crowd in Utah and NCAA history turned out to see the two most successful programs in the country and Utah and Georgia did not disappoint. In a meet that went down to the final routine, Utah eked out a 196.550-196.500 victory over the five-time defending NCAA champion GymDogs.

Like the article says, Georgia has won the NCAA gymnastics championship for the last five years.  Utah has “the most successful collegiate gymnastics team in the nation,” and finished 2nd three times and 3rd twice in the last five years.  We beat Georgia last year during the regular season too, but couldn’t pull it out in the finals.  Good luck, Red Rocks!  Let’s bring another national championship home!


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Oleg Says

Great leaders seem to think alike:

P.S. If you’re wondering about the word great, remember that Lenin and Mao were held by their respective parties to be great leaders.


World Fact Book

Marko helps us lowly Americans learn some interesting and proper world facts.

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The Meaning of Bi-Partisan

Almost everyone is familiar with Nancy Pelosi’s statement concerning the passing of sweeping health care legislation by the U.S. House of Representatives as bi-partisan because one, yes one, Republican voted for it.  Well, I don’t want to poo-poo on Nancy’s parade but:

An overwhelming, bipartisan majority of members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have signed an amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” brief supporting the NRA’s position that the Second Amendment is incorporated against the states through the Fourteenth Amendment. The amicus brief, bearing the signatures of 251 Members of Congress and 58 Senators, was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court today in the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago. 

Currently there are 177 Republicans in the House and 40 in the Senate.  So, if 251 Representatives and 58 Senators signed the brief, that is undeniably bi-partisan!  Go here and see if your Congresperson and or Senator(s) signed (the list starts on page 50).

Utah Senators and Representatives that signed:

  • Senator Robert Bennett
  • Senator Orrin Hatch
  • Representative Robert Bishop (UT-1)
  • Representative James Matheson (UT-2)
  • Representative Jason Chaffetz (UT-3)

Five for five isn’t bad.  And according to Nancy, Utah’s delegates are bi-partisan since our lone Democrat (Jim Matheson) signed 😉


Simply Put

Sort of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?  Found here.

H/T – Robb Allen


Quote of the Day

Harry Truman on FDR:

There is no indispensable man in a democracy.  When a republic comes to a point where a man is indispensable, then we have a Caesar.  I do not believe that the fate of the nation should depend upon the life or health or welfare of any one man.

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Returning To It

Last year I commented about a post by Tam concerning the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (see here).  Well, today someone from Georgia State University was looking for information on the 17th Amendment to the Pakistani Constitution and ended up on my post from last year.  In the comments the anonymous searcher linked me over to an interesting article.  Enjoy!

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Robb Allen reminds us that registration leads to confiscation.  Every. Single. Time.


Interesting Commentary

By far, the biggest killers of people have been governments and their surrogate militias. Their victims are often their own citizens. Before every attempted or successful genocide, those in power notably disarmed the group targeted for extinction. They were aided by laws requiring firearms licensing and registration: in order to seize the guns, a government must know who has them.


Top 10 Handguns

American has released their list of the Top 10 Handguns. Read and learn.

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More Of Tam's Snark

Tam looks back in history and wonders if we are going to again see the days of Jimmy Carter.

Let’s see if Barry commemorates the occasion today. We need a good cheering up, and lord knows that smug pinkos seem to think that waving a sanctimonious finger in our faces is the way to do it.

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