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The Dreams Have Returned

I don’t dream often and when I do dream, my dreams are strange and bizarre. Even more rare than dreaming is to dream on consecutive nights. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I woke up and remembered a dream. That is, until Sunday night. In my dream:

I was living in my old apartment in North Salt Lake. It was night time. I was hanging out at home, naked, and decided to go for a stroll naked. Next thing I know, it’s day time and I’m out in West Valley City, in one of the neighborhoods in which I grew up. Still naked. Now I’m trying to run from house to house, finding cover, so that I can get home. To put this into proper perspective, it’s almost 20 miles from one place to the other. How I expected to get home without being seen, I don’t know, but that was the plan.
Any way, as I was running toward one house, a car was coming, so I hid in some bushes along a driveway. The car pulls into the driveway where I’m hiding and the guy gets out. Suddenly, he stops. He’s seen me. I ask for his help and he says he doesn’t have time because he’s prepping for a wedding, and he tells me to stay hidden.
Then, the bride and groom show up and tons of other people. And I’m just chillin there, naked, in the bushes, trying to stay hidden. Then the bride and groom see me. They come over and chat about what I’m doing and we laugh and have a great time. The bride keeps calling me Golum/Smeagol.
After several hours of me hiding, and being visited several times by the bride (we’re developing quite the friendship), I’m given a white t-shirt and a leather jacket (what?!) and told to stay hidden. I try to make a run for it through a neighbor’s yard, but there’s a Doberman Pinscher, so I have to turn back.
When the reception is over, the Bride pulls me out of the bushes and we chitchatted for a minute. She gave me a big hug and smile and said, “Thanks for coming to my wedding!” Then I got into a little pick up truck (like, a little two-wheel drive Toyota) with a Highway Patrol Officer, who is going to take me home.
Then my alarm went off and I woke up.
Talk about a hectic Sunday night!
Monday night was a little bit better. All that I can remember is that Matthew McConaughey and I were running through some warehouses and he wanted to ordain me a High Priest, in case he got killed. I asked him to tell me his priesthood line of authority. You know, because, regardless if I’m running for my life, I want to make sure this whole High Priest thing is legit, I guess. Then we got into an argument because he couldn’t remember and I wanted to call my dad and have him come down to the warehouse and ordain me a High Priest because I know that line of authority is legit (it’s the one I currently have as an Elder).
Then my alarm went off and I woke up.
The dreams are back. I’ll update you as they continue.
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Quote of the Day – Tam

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If you don’t read VFTP daily, you need to repent and begin reading immediately.

Now the local news is over and we’re on to the national morning show. Matt Lauer is interviewing Bill O’Reilly. That much egotistical douchebaggery is hard to appreciate on the small screen; it deserves Imax.

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The Drone Ranger

This pushed my tickle button and I had to share.


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must take a class from Rick Taylor!

Oh, and if you didn’t get the joke, this is Andrew from Vuurwapen Blog.

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Biden’s Bad Advice

Vice President Biden has been giving some silly advice recently regarding self defense. Jay shares a political cartoon that sums it up nicely:

Biden Advice

Sebastian also tweets #BadAdviceFromBiden:


Maybe Biden should take a cue from Obama and stay teleprompted.

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Priceless Art


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President Teleprompter


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