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Comblock Guns

Seen over at Oleg’s:

Back in the 1980s and 90s, comblock guns referred to weapons produced in the Warsaw Pact countries and China. Given the changes in our world since, we may soon be able to apply that term to Armalite rifles produced in Illinois and Bushmaster carbines made in New York, along with Henry lever actions made in New Jersey.

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Remember Your History Or Be Doomed To Repeat It

It all begins with a dictator taking away your tools if self defense.


But We Have to Do SOMETHING!

Dennis Prager posted this article on Facebook. I’m reposting here because I enjoyed it and I think you might.

In this article, SPIEGEL, a German news magazine, interviews James Shikwati, an African economist who wants the the foreign aid to stop. My liberal friends will say, “This guy is crazy!” while my conservative friends will say, “Duh. We’ve been saying this for years!”

This is the money quote for me:

SPIEGEL: Would Africa actually be able to solve these problems on its own?

Shikwati: Of course. … Africa existed before you Europeans came along. And we didn’t do all that poorly either.

Go. Read. Comment.

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Ukrainian Music Day

That’s what today is.  Пятница, Океан Єльзи, Скрябін, oh how I love you!

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Quote of the Day

From Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell comes this little gem:

And I’ve reflected, Mr. President, on the “tragedy we are living through in Mexico,” and have come to the conclusion the problem is that your country sucks. That’s not my country’s fault.


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Violence and the Left

While surfing around the intertubes I came across this interesting article in The Telegraph.  “UK is Violent Crime Capitol of Europe.”  It begins:

Analysis of figures from the European Commission showed a 77 per cent increase in murders, robberies, assaults and sexual offences in the UK since Labour came to power.

Now, yes I know.  It’s very crass of me to blame the Left for Britain’s violent crime rate being so high.  I’m not blaming them.  I’m not pointing to causation but correlation.  Discuss.


Surprise, Surprise

Multiculturalism doesn’t work!

… the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other… has failed, utterly failed.

– German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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