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Female Country Singers

Here are my top six (I couldn’t pick between the last two to make just five) female country singers, based on both looks and voice. They are in no particular order.

Faith Hill (These pictures were gleaned from Google as I didn’t want to join the Faith Hill Fanclub for $28 per month)

Sarah Evans (Pictures taken from Google because I couldn’t get them from her website which has very nice pictures)

Reba McEntire (Again, pictures taken from Google because I spent 30 seconds on her site and couldn’t find any pics) Can you believe that she was born March 28, 1955?! That makes her six months older than my mom!

Martina McBride (The first picture was found on Google, the second was taken from her site. That was a little easier.)

Carrie Underwood (These pictures were taken from her official site. Thanks for making it easy, Carrie!)

Miranda Lambert (These pics were taken from Google because I didn’t see any on her site that I liked).

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I have picked the five movies (or trilogies) that, if I were stuck on a desert island, I could watch for eternity and never get bored of them.

These are in no particular order

The Shawshank Redemption

The Bourne Trilogy

Original Star Wars Trilogy


The Last of the Mohicans

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