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WTF Moment of the Day

So, you’re approached by a man dressed in robes, wearing a beard and a funny hat.  You don’t understand him because he has an accent (and you’re a stupid American who won’t try to understand him).  So what do you do? 

If your answer was “grab a tire iron and beat the Greek Orthodox priest because you think he’s a Muslim terrorist who is going to blow you up,” then you’re just as stupid as this Marine Reservist in Palm Harbor, Florida.

H/T – Gregory Morris

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Thanks Where Thanks is Due

To all of our Veterans, past, present, and future – Thank You!

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Interesting Commentary

By far, the biggest killers of people have been governments and their surrogate militias. Their victims are often their own citizens. Before every attempted or successful genocide, those in power notably disarmed the group targeted for extinction. They were aided by laws requiring firearms licensing and registration: in order to seize the guns, a government must know who has them.


Here She Is

The REAL Miss America!

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Take That, John Stewart

It will never cease to amaze me how high-minded the left can get.  So, apparently a couple of days ago, during a heated debate on The Daily Show, John Stewart said that he thinks Harry Truman is a war criminal for dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even going so far as to say Truman was temporarily insane when he dropped the bomb.  Please, please watch this rebuttle.



The DOD changed its mind!

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Helping The Economy?

I thought that Barry was attempting to fix the economy?

Effective immediately DOD Surplus, LLC, will be implementing new requirements for mutilation of fired shell casings. The new DRMS requirement calls for DOD Surplus personnel to witness the mutilation of the property and sign the Certificate of Destruction. Mutilation of the property can be done at the DRMO, if permitted by the Government, or it may be mutilated at a site chosen by the buyer. Mutilation means that the property will be destroyed to the extent prevents its reuse or reconstruction. DOD Surplus personnel will determine when property has been sufficiently mutilated to meet the requirements of the Government.

What does this have to do with the economy, you ask?  Michael Bane explains it.

Georgia Arms was remanufacturing more than one million rounds of .223 ammunition monthly; selling that ammo on the civilian market to resellers and to government agencies all over the country.

Tomorrow, Georgia Arms will start sending cancellation notices for .223 ammunition to law enforcement agencies across the United States. Haynie says he may have to layoff half of his sixty-person workforce.

That is the perfect way to help the economy – remove a product form the market and cause people to lose their jobs.  More here for those who still don’t understand.  


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