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Calvin Coolidge

When thinking about the past Presidents of the United States, Calvin Coolidge is one of the last that come to mind for many.  This is truly unfortunate, especially for conservatives.  Here is actual video and audio from a small speech delivered by Coolidge in 1924, the first ever recorded for a President.  It gets really good around 2 minutes.

86 years ago, Calvin Coolidge told to the American people that their taxes were too high and that their liberties were were being trampled upon.  I ask you, does the current administration think about the individual when it proposes raising taxes or when it forces socialized medicine upon the people?  The answer, simply, is No.

Thank you,  President Coolidge, for giving conservatives another point in history with which to reference the intent of our Founders.

h/t – Dennis Prager

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Becoming Provident Providers

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More Proof

That Michael Moore is a tool.


Tax Refund

I got this email today.

Recalculation fiscal acitivity 2008-2009
Local Office no. 72
HM Revenue & Customs Officer:
Jennifer Brough

ATTN: Dear Applicant

After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 401.63 GBP

Your Tax Refund Number ID: UK/38HMRC928841, complete the tax return form attached to this message.
After completing the form, submit the form by clicking the SUBMIT button on form and allow us 5-9 business days in order to process it.

Our head office address can be found on our web site at

Jennifer Brough
Tax Credit Officer
Opening hours:
8.00 am to 8.00 pm, seven days a week. 

I didn’t even know that I’d filed a British Tax Return (chuckle). Ha! What will scammers think of next?

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The Season is Upon Us

The Thanksgiving weekend isn’t over for a few more hours but the Holiday Season is fully upon us.  I’ve had a great week off and am looking forward to getting back to school tomorrow and finishing the last three weeks of my undergraduate degree.

Normally around this time I would have taken the time to sit back and reflect on the blessings that have been mine this year.  Yet, I’ve had so many opportunities to do so that it would seem forced to set aside a special day.  So let’s recap the last year: 

School Blessings

December 4, 2008 I lost my job for the second time that year.  I had been working full-time and going to school part-time since Summer 2006 and had projected a Summer 2010 graduation as long as I could maintain 9 credits each semester, three semesters a year.  However, Tammy and I decided that, with the state of the economy in January 2009, it would be wise for me to focus all of my energy on school and graduate sooner so that my school schedule would not be an obstacle in my finding employment (as it had been thus far).  Thus began my 2009 education blitz, completing 43.5 credits in three semesters: 12 in Spring, 15 in Summer, and 16.5 this Fall.

Family Blessings

I’ve had more time to spend with my family, especially my son.  Born in May 2007, D has always been his mother son.  In fact, he really didn’t like me at all for the first nine or so months of his life.  I could hold him if Tammy was in the room, but as soon as he discovered that she was gone, it was kicking, punching, screaming, and crying until she came back and held him.  Even as he started to warm to me, the situation didn’t really seem to improve much.  I was usually gone from early in the morning until late at night, night classes being the only classes that I could take because of work.  On nights that I didn’t have class I was home, but usually huddled over my homework.  My absence strained my relationship with my son because I didn’t understand his attempts to communicate with me (as babies do) and my attempts usually left both of us frustrated.  My lack of employment has been a huge blessing in that it has allowed me to spend more time with D and our relationships have changed dramatically in the last year.

My family has been blessed with good health this year.  As we’re uninsured (except for the boy, thanks be given to CHIP) and have not had the finances to survive a major medical event, this has been a major blessing!

Financial Blessings

On top of student loans, which thankfully will not be excessive when I graduate, I’ve been able to participate in a state tuition assistance program that assists displaced workers to receive additional education in order to improve their employment opportunities.  And since University students are not generally admitted to the program it is an even bigger blessing.  This has allowed us to use more of our student loans for living expenses. I was able to find temporary employment with the U.S. Census Bureau during the spring.  The majority of the work fell during the break between Spring and Summer semesters and took some strain off of our student loan funds. 

Our car is in good order.  Our bills are manageable.  We have all been healthy.  We almost lost our apartment when the owner filed bankruptcy, but miraculously they didn’t lose any of their real estate in the bankruptcy.  Also, our extended family cannot be overlooked.  They have stepped in countless times and surprised us with diapers or clothes for D, food, and even money when things got really tight.  We could not be where we are without them. 

One final blessing that cannot go unmentioned – my wife.  She has been my rock since the day we were married.  She has primarily managed our finances so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it (and because I SUCK when it comes to money).  Tammy has found ways to cut our grocery bills down to almost nothing, with out sacrificing food, in ways that I never thought possible.  She deserves all credit for the intellectual growth and development of our son and I give it fully.  I keep saying that I don’t deserve her and that some day she’ll realize that.  Yet, in her usual way, she reassures me of the opposite.  I hope to be able to prove her right. 

Tis the season, they say, to be grateful for the blessings that we have.  I’ve been thankful every day for the last year and will continue to be so. 


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Audit the Fed

Ron Paul’s bill that would publicly audit the Federal Reserve, HR 1207, now has 290 co-sponsors in the House and 25 co-sponsors in the Senate.  I’m happy to see that 4 of Utah’s 5 congress critters are on board – Matheson, the lone Democrat, is still holding out.  This could be very interesting…

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Something to Think About

Marko mentions this year’s budget deficit and helps us conceptualize how much money is being over spent. I add that they more they spend, the lower the value, making them spend more because it’s worth less. Wait, isn’t that called inflation?

I’m not old enough to have lived through it, but my parents tell me that this is looking like the Carter administration all over again. Maybe that is why the Democrats wanted to mobilize the youth vote – all that we learned in our high school American history classes was that the American Revolution was a failure because the Founders didn’t guarantee civil liberties as we understand them today, and that FDR was the greatest President to have graced us with his rule.

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New Scam

No, I’m not talking about another Obama government program. At 6:00am I got this email:

Sorry I didn’t inform you about my traveling to UK for a Seminar, am presently in London i am stranded here because i misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel where my money,and other valuable things were kept.

I will like you to assist me with a soft loan urgently with the sum of $2,500 Us Dollars to sort-out my hotel bills and get myself back home. I will appreciate whatever you can afford, i’ll pay back as soon as i return.

I had no option than to send you an e-mail since I have exceeded my spending limit in the hotel and I have no money to call you. It will cost me 80 pounds to make/receive phone calls and I don’t have such money right now. I can only contact you through my e-mail for now.

It’s impossible for me to access my bank account from here, that why i need your help. The safest and fastest way for you to help me out is by sending the money through Western union.

Kindly let me know if you can be of that I can send you the Details to use when sending the money through western union.

It sounded extremely fishy – mostly because it supposedly came from a friend of mine who was just recently in Hawaii, no the UK. The other reason that it sounded fishy was because of a similar situation that Joe Huffman had in Idaho: send money Western Union to get someone out of jail.

Get the word out – there’s a new scam on the loose!

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Sound Money & Consumer Protection

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Audit the Fed

Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve (HR 1207) now has 232 co-sponsors, and is attracting attention in the Senate. Obama promised transparency (which he has so far failed to give) so hopefully this will pass quickly so that we can know exactly how screwed we are.


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What Do They Ever Do For You?

Often times, people say that you should have no loyalty to a phone company. I, however, hold a loyalty to a phone company – Sprint. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

When I returned from Ukraine in 2004, I needed a cell phone. I began shopping around, looking at plans, and had decided to go with AT&T. When I approached the dealer I was told that, since I had almost zero credit, AT&T wanted an $800 collateral payment that was refundable after one year of service. I literally laughed out loud. $800 to sign into a two year contract? Wow, I guessed that they didn’t want my service.

I walked across the hall to the Sprint store. Sprint only wanted a $150 collateral payment. I signed up immediately. One year later, Sprint gave me a $150 credit. On my 2 year anniversary, Sprint gave me another $150 credit, so I renewed my service.

I’ve now been with Sprint for five years. Tams and I recently (May 4th) upgraded our phones and renewed our contract. On the advice of my father-in-law, I called Sprint to see if they had any promotions to offer me for five years of loyal, on-time payments.

Dominique, the Customer Service Rep who handled my call, was very quick to help. Not only was she helpful, she was upbeat and friendly! (On second thought, I’ve never had a problem with Sprint Customer Service, EVER) She moved our free night and weekend minutes to begin at 6:00pm for free (previously it was 7:00), credited our current bill $30, and gave us Sprint’s Data Plus Pack for free (internet, email, television and radio).

But that’s not all. I was so excited about the deal that we just got, that I failed to inquire sufficiently concerning the details of the Data Plus Pack. When I called customer service again, Brandon answered. Again, very upbeat and friendly. While on the call, Brandon informed us that if we renewed our contract (our three week old contract) he could give us a $70 credit on each line, $140 total. That takes care of our current bill and gives us a $40 credit toward next month!

So, in one day, we got our nights and weekends moved from 7:00pm to 6:00pm, we got a free data package for email, internet, tv and radio, and received $170 in credits! HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT?! Short answer – YOU CAN’T. That is how you earn customer loyalty. That is how Sprint has earned my customer loyalty.


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Ron Paul's Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve

Now has 143 co-sponsors. That’s 1/3 of the House of Representatives! Two of Utah’s three are on board, My Rep., Rob Bishop, and newby Jason Chaffetz. I wonder how long it will take Jim Matheson to catch on?

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Marko On Economics

When a private citizen accepts investment money from people, and uses the cash from subsequent investors to pay out promised gains to the early investors, we call that a “Ponzi scheme” (although that term is likely to be replaced by “Madoff scheme” in the near future.)

When the government accepts investment money from people, and uses the cash from subsequent investors to pay out promised gains to the early investors, we call that “Social Security”.

More here.

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We All Saw It Coming

Well, how else is he going to cut the deficit in half after exponentially increasing it?

President Obama’s budget proposes $989 billion in new taxes over the course of the next 10 years, starting fiscal year 2011, most of which are tax increases on individuals.


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