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Same Question, Same Answer

Jay takes the question “Why Do You Need a Gun? You Can Just Call 911…” and answers in a way that must make the antis smile. Why do I think it makes them smile? Because this is what they want.

They’ll deny it, of course. “We don’t want people to die!” they’ll emphatically scream. Unfortunately, they do. Understand, they don’t want you to take care of yourself  because your dependence on them is their sole reason for living. It makes them feel important.

Unfortunately, it also makes you dead.


When Governments Attack

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When Police/Rent-A-Cops Attack

Sad story. Seen here:

A young man with Down’s syndrome in Maryland wanted to sit through another showing of a movie. Rather than either asking him to leave, or leaving him alone (seriously, he sits through another showing, what happens? It’s likely his companion would have gotten him out of there, anyway), the theater calls in some security guards…

The guards took the young man to be mouthing off, knocked him down, handcuffed him, and because people with Down’s have a tendency to have breathing problems when they’re NOT upset, Robert Saylor (the young man with Down’s) asphyxiated because he was knocked around and panicked.

Know what that means? The “security guards” killed him. It was a homicide, not an accidental death.

Okay, peeps, get your hate-rage on!


What difference, at this point, does it make?

It is clear that Secretary Clinton didn’t want to answer the question and it is clear that Senator Johnson wasn’t interested in her answer. The question, “What difference, at this point, does it make…?” is important in the verbal battle of “I’m not listening. I’M NOT LISTENING!”

Frankly, it matters, Madam Secretary, because the Obama Administration, of which you and Ambassador Rice are part, were more than happy to threaten liberty and freedom of speech rights rather than to confess their mistake.

Wait, you mean to tell me that a politician lied? In an election year?!

Re-election politics aside, subverting liberty while attempting to cover up your failure is not a valid excuse. This was not a defense of liberty. This was an attack on liberty.

Oh, and you let four American’s die.


Remember Your History Or Be Doomed To Repeat It

It all begins with a dictator taking away your tools if self defense.


Hypocrisy and a Short Memory

The Left has both.


The Violence of the Left

It is an indisputable truth that the left becomes violent when wanting to enforce what they feel is morally correct.  I’m sure that you all remember Audi’s Green Police commercial.

There is a group called 10:10 and they advocate cutting your carbon emissions by 10%.  However, they want you to know that there’s no pressure.  But they advocate blowing up anyone who doesn’t agree with them, including grade school children.  Here’s a video of some of their propaganda:

Also, I take issue with you blowing up Agent Skully.  On the other hand, if she was willing to participate in this garbage, then she deserves what she gets.

Now, by way of editorial.  This is absolutely REVOLTING!  It is not funny, it is not cute.  It is horrible and disgusting.  Shame on 10:10!  No apology that you can issue, even though you have tried, can ever make up for what you advocate – you’re honest intentions of saying “join us or die!”  You’ll see just how funny these ads aren’t when you’re burning in the afterlife.


When Police Attack (Part II)

Just remember kids, tasers are “less lethal” and safe enough to be used by police against you.  But if you try to use one against an officer you get shot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for the person now pushing daisies.  What he did was stupid.  But this is a clear example of how escalation of force can go awry.


Quote of the Day

Tam on Amy Bishop:

This isn’t crazy: This is merely the result of a life of never being told “no”; a life full of self-esteem boosting, where everybody else is sent over from central casting to be extras in The Great Life Of Dr. Bishop. This is what happens when the culture of Everybody’s A Winner spends forty years enabling a pure-t sociopath.


A Double Take

When I first read this headline on CNN, Obama promises justice for Christmas terror plotters, I thought, “Wait, he’s going to extend them U.S. Constitutional rights and then give them a get-out-of-jail-free card, just like the others?”  Then I read the article and it looks like the war is going to spread to Yemen.  Oh, and we’re going to spend billions “training and equipping their security forces.”  I wonder how his followers will take this news?

Oh, and one more thing.  We all get to be groped when by the TSA now!  And of course, the 4th Amendment doesn’t apply because these searches are “reasonable.”  Riiiiiiight.  And, a new directive also gives airlines the discretion to take other measures to prevent people from secretly assembling or igniting bombs on aircraft. Those measures include prohibiting people from keeping pillows or blankets, or children, or hands on their laps during the final hour of a flight.


Oleg Says

Great leaders seem to think alike:

P.S. If you’re wondering about the word great, remember that Lenin and Mao were held by their respective parties to be great leaders.


Hope and Change

To learn what President Obama’s Safe School Czar wants to teach your children, click here.  Warning, it WILL make you sick to your stomach but you should know what The One could be putting in the hands of your children.  By the way, you’re not getting any of this from the MSM.


High School Kids, Resource Officers and a Tasers, oh my!

Uncle linked to a story about a TN High School resource officer who used a taser to break up a fight.  We seem to hear about taser insidents more and more often in the news.

I have an issue with tasers.  As I view it, the level of force increases as the threat level increases.  However, using “less-lethal” force distorts the force level to threat level ratio.  Let’s use this story as an example.  Two HS kids get into a fight.  Are weapons present?  No.  One kid dominating the other and about to kill the other?  No.  So rather than jumping in and physically separating the two, which I think is the proper level of force given the threat, the resource officer escalates his force to lethal (yes, less-lethal is still LETHAL!). 

No, the student didn’t die, but that’s not the point.  The officer used excessive force to stop the threat, in my opinion.  What do you think?


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Political Threats

Political threats take many shapes and forms.  What does it say about this country when a politician uses the reading of a bill on the Senate floor as a threat?  That’s what Tom Coburn is considering.

Coburn: (threatening) Don’t make me read the health care bill to you!

Blind Followers of Dear Leader: (whining) But, Tom, it’s soooooooooooooo long.  1,990 pages!  Some of us don’t want to read it for a reason.

Coburn: I just want “to make sure everyone has a chance to read the bill.”

H/T – Sebastian


Quote of the Day

It’s not the religion. It’s not the guns. It’s the crazy. And no one group has a lock on crazy.

– Roberta X

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