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A Coffee Shop and a Kel-Tec

Via Xavier:

She had it and she was willing to use it. She’s glad that she didn’t have to.

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The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword?

Via Say Uncle

Law enforcement professionals know that they always need to expect the unexpected.  That a routine traffic stop could become un-routine at any moment.  The UZI Tactical Pen takes something as trivial as a pen and turns it into a potential life saving tool.  The most unique feature of the pen is that it employs the UZI DNA Catcher on the crown of the pen.  The sharpened crown on the end can be used to jab or poke an attacker, which will not only cause extreme pain, but it will also collect the aggressors’ DNA which can be used for future identification. 

So, if a routine traffic stop gets out of hand, reach for your pen rather than your sidearm?  And I’m not sure about you, but unless this has a cap, how do you cover the end?  Hopefully not by using your thumb and clicking on the DNA Catcher (which is a nifty euphemism in itself). 

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Oleg Says

Great leaders seem to think alike:

P.S. If you’re wondering about the word great, remember that Lenin and Mao were held by their respective parties to be great leaders.


More From Hornady

Last year, Hornady released its Critical Defense® ammunition.  Originally beginning with .380 ACP (90 gr.) (for all of the new mouse guns that have been released in the last year), .38 Special/ +P (both 110 gr.), and 9mm (115 gr.). 

Recently they added .357 Magnum (125 gr.), .40 S&W (165 gr.) and .45 ACP (185 gr.).  I’d be interested to know why Hornady went with a 165 gr. .40 S&W rather than a 155 or 140.  I’d also be interested to know why they chose a 185 gr. .45.  Does anybody know?

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The Meaning of Bi-Partisan

Almost everyone is familiar with Nancy Pelosi’s statement concerning the passing of sweeping health care legislation by the U.S. House of Representatives as bi-partisan because one, yes one, Republican voted for it.  Well, I don’t want to poo-poo on Nancy’s parade but:

An overwhelming, bipartisan majority of members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have signed an amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” brief supporting the NRA’s position that the Second Amendment is incorporated against the states through the Fourteenth Amendment. The amicus brief, bearing the signatures of 251 Members of Congress and 58 Senators, was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court today in the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago. 

Currently there are 177 Republicans in the House and 40 in the Senate.  So, if 251 Representatives and 58 Senators signed the brief, that is undeniably bi-partisan!  Go here and see if your Congresperson and or Senator(s) signed (the list starts on page 50).

Utah Senators and Representatives that signed:

  • Senator Robert Bennett
  • Senator Orrin Hatch
  • Representative Robert Bishop (UT-1)
  • Representative James Matheson (UT-2)
  • Representative Jason Chaffetz (UT-3)

Five for five isn’t bad.  And according to Nancy, Utah’s delegates are bi-partisan since our lone Democrat (Jim Matheson) signed 😉


Canada's Long Gun Registry and Dodo Share Same Fate

Great news from out cousins to the North.

H/T – Uncle

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Using the Tools You Have

Caleb brought a cup of coffee to a knife fight.

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A Story of Bravery

Rukhsana Kausar, 21, was with her parents and brother in Jammu and Kashmir when three gunmen, believed to be Pakistani militants, forced their way in and demanded food and beds for the night.
When they forced their way into Miss Kausar’s home, her father Noor Mohammad refused their demands and was attacked.

His daughter was hiding under a bed when she heard him crying as the gunmen thrashed him with sticks. According to police, she ran towards her father’s attacker and struck him with an axe. As he collapsed, she snatched his AK47 and shot him dead.

She also shot and wounded another militant as he made his escape.

Police have hailed the woman’s bravery.

They said she would be nominated for the president’s gallantry award.

The only disappointing part of the story is that Indian’s don’t have many gun rights and this entire family could have been killed if not for the bravery of this girl.  Good on you, Rukhsana!

H/T – Sebastian


Somthing to Get You Thinking

Robb Allen writes a nice article regarding why it’s important to think before recommending that someone purchase a firearm for personal or home protection: 

Before one thinks about getting any firearm for home defense, they should ask themselves a few questions

* Am I willing to use lethal force and accept the consequences of doing so?
* Will I train with the firearm so that in a time of crisis, I can use it accurately and safely?
* Can I secure the weapons against unauthorized use such as children?

Go read the rest.

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More Good News

Regarding Utah’s Concealed Firearm Permit.  As the article is coming from The Salt Lake Tribune, you’ll notice the less than pleasant tone of the writer, but no bother.  Utah’s permit is doing well, and that makes me happy.  How many of my non-Utah readers have a Utah permit?

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Use What You Have

If charges get filed, well, I won’t do anything but it should make a lot of people angry!

H/T – Xavier

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Plains, Trains and Automobiles

To lift a popular movie title.  Not that I currently have a need to ride Amtrak.  But it’s nice to know that, if the need arises in the future, they now have to allow me to check my pistol with my luggage.

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Self Defense Isn't Solely About Firearms

As Rich points out in a conversation that he recently had with his son.

H/T – Unc

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Gun Control is Racist

Yep, I said it and I’ve got the numbers to prove it.

H/T – Unc

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Interesting Commentary

By far, the biggest killers of people have been governments and their surrogate militias. Their victims are often their own citizens. Before every attempted or successful genocide, those in power notably disarmed the group targeted for extinction. They were aided by laws requiring firearms licensing and registration: in order to seize the guns, a government must know who has them.

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