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Why So Many Guns?

Guns Holsters and Gear has provided an excellent three-part series based on the question, “Why so many guns?”

Part I provides an overview of gun ownership and the various reasons for it.

Part II discusses handguns.

Part III discusses rifles and shotguns.

All three are good reads.

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Free climbers are crazy

Seen at Tam’s

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Thursday Funny – Bad Lip Reading


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It’s all just a bunch of middle-aged male rednecks who like killing defenseless animals, right?  Tell that to 17 year old Jessica Olmstead who just took a record breaking black bear in Canada, with a bow!

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Spend Time With Your Kids so Payton Manning Doesn’t Have To

Saw this little short on Saturday Night Live.

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Getting Out of Control

That would be NFL Rookie contracts.  From ESPN:

A deal is unlikely to be struck Friday, a league source said, but both the Rams and Bradford’s reps are expected to lay the groundwork for what will be the richest contract in NFL history.

The guaranteed money in the deal is expected to be between $45 million and $50 million, the source said.

So let me get this straight – He didn’t finish his college career (left after having been injured his ENTIRE junior year), he hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL, and the Rams want to drop $50 million in guaranteed money in his lap?  NFL rookie contracts are getting out of control.

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Snickers: Get Some Nuts!

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