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Dear T-Mobile. I walked into one of your stores today to discuss switching to T-Mobile from one of your competitors. When asked why I wanted to switch (an odd question – why does the clerk care why I’m switching? He should simply be willing to take my money), I told the clerk that it was because of my interest in the Nokia 925. He sneered and said, “Oh, Windows Phone? Why are you interested in that? You know, the GS4 just came out.” (Again, a stupid question. He shouldn’t care why I want a WP8 device, he should just care that I’m there to give your company money!)

I responded kindly regarding my interest in the WP platform, that I currently have an Android device, and that if I didn’t switch to WP8 I’d likely switch to the new Blackberry Z10. He responded, “Oh, we have Blackberry in stock” and escorted me over to it. “Good luck making it work. The UI isn’t very intuitive.” He was kind enough to even give me a small instructional flier. I picked up the device and zipped right through it. He was shocked! (You know, because, how could someone possibly know how to use something that isn’t Android? Oh wait, you mean, some people actually follow websites like Mobile Nations and learn about the latest and greatest in the mobile tech world?) Seriously, he was stupefied. “You see what I mean? It’s not very intuitive.” “I seem to be managing it just fine,” I replied. He continued to argue with me and say that Android this and Android that and blah blah blah blah blah….

I thanked him kindly and left. You could have gained a customer today. Instead, your Android Fanboy clerk blew it.

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Must Read

Tim at Gun Nuts Media has written a must read article. The Idiocy of “Outdated” discusses Michael Bloomberg’s idiotic comments about the Bill of Rights being outdated and needing to be rethought.

Go. Read. Now.


The History of Bullets and Ammo

The more you know…

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Random Gun Video

I don’t remember how I came across this video for the Blaser R8 rifle, but I liked it so I’m sharing it.

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Software Piracy and Royalties

Microsoft has gone around the world signing licensing agreements with electronics manufacturers who use Google’s “free” Android operating system, which supposedly violates some of Microsoft’s patents. Today, it was announced that Foxconn had signed such a licensing agreement. Why is this news? Windows Phone Central says:

Foxconn is an original design manufacturer (ODM) for big names like: Acer, Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Toshiba, and more. Nearly 40% of all electronics on planet earth are made through them….

Microsoft is in an interesting position of needing to compete with Google for mobile OS market share while profiting from Google’s success in that market. I guess that’s called having your cake and eating it too…

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Quote of the Day – @Sprint

I was discussing the new T-Mobile UnContract plans with my brother-in-law. We’ve both been with Sprint for a long time and for a while it made sense because most of the extended family was on Sprint (free calls anytime), two families have jumped to Verizon, another to Cricket, and the question of “why do we stay with Sprint?” is starting to creep up.

Sprint likes to tout their “Unlimited Everything” plan as being the cheapest for what you get. I priced a plan at Verizon with 4GB of data (I’ve been monitoring our data usage (mine and my wife’s) and 4GB is plenty for us) and found that we would have more coverage, faster data speeds, and a larger choice of phones for the same price if we switched to Verzion.

Danny’s statement was compelling: “As it stands I’m considering switching to Verizon or ATT in a year after my contract is up. Sprint appears to lack the capital to install a competitive LTE system, but doesn’t mind charging like they have one.”

Isn’t this why SoftBank aquired 70% of Sprint? Apparently the purchase hasn’t been approved yet. And even if/when it is, how long will it take for Sprint to “install a competitive LTE system?”

I keep asking Sprint to give me a reason to say. So far they haven’t. So why haven’t I jumped ship? Perhaps their marketing has worked on me. Right now, my data is unlimited. Why would I want to limit that? On the other hand, if I’m over purchasing…

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Because You Should Know

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