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Quote of the Day – Robb Allen

Discussing public schools forcing children to accept morals that are not their own:

Teaching middle schoolers the proper method for fisting or how to act like lesbians is beyond the schools’ authority.


I Wonder…

If the Bush Administration had said that the President has the authority to authorize drone strikes against American citizens on US soil without due process, Democrats, the Media, and the Left (I repeat myself) would call it an abuse of power and be screaming for his head. However, since it’s the Obama Administration, Democrats, the Media, and the Left simply call it Tuesday.


When Police/Rent-A-Cops Attack

Sad story. Seen here:

A young man with Down’s syndrome in Maryland wanted to sit through another showing of a movie. Rather than either asking him to leave, or leaving him alone (seriously, he sits through another showing, what happens? It’s likely his companion would have gotten him out of there, anyway), the theater calls in some security guards…

The guards took the young man to be mouthing off, knocked him down, handcuffed him, and because people with Down’s have a tendency to have breathing problems when they’re NOT upset, Robert Saylor (the young man with Down’s) asphyxiated because he was knocked around and panicked.

Know what that means? The “security guards” killed him. It was a homicide, not an accidental death.

Okay, peeps, get your hate-rage on!


I Smell BS!

The Teflon President said that he would veto any effort to bypass the sequester, should Congress not come up with the spending cuts necessary to prevent it.

This was HIS idea. I really hope that the sequester hits. The cuts will hurt and they are necessary. Sure, he’ll find a way to pin this on Republicans, because Republicans are stupid and will allow themselves to be blamed. The media will help to make sure that POTUS takes no accountability for his idea.

Democrats will continue to cry doom and gloom, and fail to pass a budget. It will be more of the same. Blah.


When Police Attack

I don’t even know how to describe what this is…

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Ammunition Hoarding

Sebastian says:

One of my big concern is the hoarders are making it very difficult for new shooters who are just getting their feet wet with this stuff. If those rifles, pistols and shotguns end up going into closets for lack of ammo, they may never come back out again.

It’s a valid concern. How much damage to the at-large cause are you doing by hoarding ammunition? And don’t excuse yourself by saying, “Well, if I don’t, the next person will.” That excuse got old in third grade.

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I Love and Hate Hotmail

I created my first email account in September 1999 just after graduating from high school.  I was 18 and created an email address that reflected that.  In 2006 I was getting tired of all of the spam in my Hotmail inbox.  Knowing that my Hotmail address wasn’t very appealing to the adult working population, I jumped on the Gmail bandwagon and created two new email addresses: the first simply transferring my original teenager email address, but this time, the second creating a new email that sounds a bit more grown up and “professional.”  And that’s how it’s been for the last few years (and I have since deleted the first of those two accounts).  I maintained my Hotmail account because I used it as a junk account.

Well, about a year ago I started to pay attention to the changes that Microsoft has been making within Hotmail.  My Hotmail address was now called a Windows Live ID (not sure when that happened) and served as a single sign on for integration with Windows Live and SkyDrive services.  I did some poking around and discovered that I could create a second email address for my Hotmail account (Microsoft calls it an Alias) and use both interchangeably from the same place.

The more I used the service the more that I started to like it.  I linked Windows Live with Facebook and LinkedIn and could chat with all of my Windows Live, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts through Windows Live Messenger (not to mention Yahoo! and AOL contacts).  SkyDrive is a cool service and I like the functionality of the Office Web Apps.

I started using Windows Live Groups for collaboration on papers and PowerPoint projects for school.  That’s when I noticed something that didn’t make me very happy.  You see, I’d been using my “alias” email address for almost a year and loved it.  All of my contacts from ALL of my services were in one place.  I thought I had found the golden ticket, the way to escape the foibles of youth.  I was wrong.  While working on a group paper for one of my classes I noticed that my Windows Live ID (my silly teenager email address) was the contact information being displayed.  This made sense, considering that the collaboration takes place on SkyDrive and your Windows Live ID is used to sign in to the service, but it was no less embarrassing.  My colleagues assured me that there was nothing to be embarrassed about but they weren’t the ones with the stupid name on the screen.

I went on the offensive.  There had to be a way to change my Windows Live ID and get away from that stupid email address.  I searched the Account overview page and thought I found my answer.  An option to change my ID.  I clicked it and was met with this answer: “Your Windows Live ID can’t be changed at this time.”  What?  Why not?  If I have the option to change it, why won’t they let me change it?! 

I found the answer in the Windows Live Help forums:

Currently, accounts with domains like, and can’t be changed.

Because you are using an e-mail address that was provided by MSN or by Windows Live, you cannot change the name of your mail account and maintain your messages and contacts. For example, you are using an e-mail address, an e-mail address, or a Windows Live Admin Center e-mail address.

You can create a new e-mail address and manually forward your e-mail messages from your current account to the new account that you have created.

In a word, frustrated.  I can understand that logistically it could be a nightmare for Microsoft to maintain changes to its Windows Live ID’s, especially since there are supposedly around 360 million world wide.  But if I can create 15 email addresses (“aliases”) associated with my Windows Live ID and if I can convert a non-Hotmail/Live/MSN Windows Live ID to a Hotmail/Live/MSN Windows Live ID, then why can’t I change my Windows Live ID?  Simply creating a new account and then linking my ID’s  doesn’t fix the problem.  Since I can’t change my ID, at least be allow me to choose how my name appears to others so that when I’m collaborating on SkyDrive or sending people a chat invite I can present myself as needed now, not how I thought 12 years ago.

One other little change I’d like to see.  My Google calendar can sync with my Windows Live calendar.  Why won’t my Windows Live calendar sync with my Google calendar?


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