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Windows 7 and Service Pack 1

Apparently there’s a recent issue with Windows 7 64-bit systems and installing Service Pack 1.  When the notice popped up that the install was available I figured, why not.  Eh, wrong! 

Window would not start up.  I ran through the recovery options, nothing.  Tried a system restore, nothing.  I jumped on my laptop and started searching for an answer to what was happening and apparently there is an issue with 64-bit systems installing the SP1 update.  It’s a recent issue because we’d installed SP1 on this the desktop before we had our previous technical difficulties.

I am now in the middle of restoring my computer from a system image that I made on my backup hard drive and I hope it works.  More news later…

Update – Didn’t work.  Looks like I’ll be doing a clean install of Windows.  Luckily all my files are backed up (at least they should be).  Here goes nothing.

Update #2 – Apparently the issue was compounded because my graphics card was on the fritz.  Tore it out.  Clean install worked.  This time, the system image restore also worked so no files lost.  All in all the process was fairly smooth (once I figured out why the restore was failing).  I’ll be avoiding Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 64-bit for now. 

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Quote of the Day

We do not elect Kings, nor appoint prime ministers. We elect executive officers. If Kerrey or anyone else, including Obama, thinks that the task of chief executive of the United States is too messy, too difficult, or too hard for Obama, he should never have run or been supported for the job.

This is what differentiates the European Model from the American Model.  Obama doesn’t need a COO, America needs a President!

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The Violence of the Left

It is an indisputable truth that the left becomes violent when wanting to enforce what they feel is morally correct.  I’m sure that you all remember Audi’s Green Police commercial.

There is a group called 10:10 and they advocate cutting your carbon emissions by 10%.  However, they want you to know that there’s no pressure.  But they advocate blowing up anyone who doesn’t agree with them, including grade school children.  Here’s a video of some of their propaganda:

Also, I take issue with you blowing up Agent Skully.  On the other hand, if she was willing to participate in this garbage, then she deserves what she gets.

Now, by way of editorial.  This is absolutely REVOLTING!  It is not funny, it is not cute.  It is horrible and disgusting.  Shame on 10:10!  No apology that you can issue, even though you have tried, can ever make up for what you advocate – you’re honest intentions of saying “join us or die!”  You’ll see just how funny these ads aren’t when you’re burning in the afterlife.


Getting Out of Control

That would be NFL Rookie contracts.  From ESPN:

A deal is unlikely to be struck Friday, a league source said, but both the Rams and Bradford’s reps are expected to lay the groundwork for what will be the richest contract in NFL history.

The guaranteed money in the deal is expected to be between $45 million and $50 million, the source said.

So let me get this straight – He didn’t finish his college career (left after having been injured his ENTIRE junior year), he hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL, and the Rams want to drop $50 million in guaranteed money in his lap?  NFL rookie contracts are getting out of control.

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Since We’re Here

Obviously I’ve had nothing worth posting about, thus my absence over the last few days.  However, the previous clip from South Park reminded me of this one.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer

You’ve probably seen the book Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.  Well, the author, Seth Grahame-Smith, has released a new book.  Here is a trailer for it.

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Quote of the Day

Tam on Amy Bishop:

This isn’t crazy: This is merely the result of a life of never being told “no”; a life full of self-esteem boosting, where everybody else is sent over from central casting to be extras in The Great Life Of Dr. Bishop. This is what happens when the culture of Everybody’s A Winner spends forty years enabling a pure-t sociopath.

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